Domain Experts

Huge expertise in building e-commerce platforms, retail & online media solutions via Agile and Lean principles.

Engineering Culture

Feel the mindset shift and be ready for cultural transformation.

Well-Engineered Software & Great Performance

We build high quality software with highly scalable architecture.


We are AqvaTech

One of the most versatile and multi-disciplinary company on product and software development company.
We believe in our values and principles so much not only for creating a better technology company, but also for building the right products to make our customers happier than ever.
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What we Do

AqvaTech is a company of motivated, disciplined and passionate software engineers. We have 20+ years expertise in building well-engineered software. We dream to raise the bar of software development. We believe in our values and principles so much not only for creating a better technology company, but also for building the right products for our customers.

Why choose Us?

How we work

We are here to implement your idea with all end-to-end requirements. While we build and deliver your idea as well-engineered software, we boost the agile culture and project management in your company to establish world class processes.

Why choose Us?

Products & Platforms

We build sustainable high quality products and platforms for real customer needs in e-commerge, retail and online media domains.

Lines of Codes
TBs of Data Processing & Integrations
Well-engineered Projects
Hours of Coding

Get in touch with our engineers and architects who understand your needs !

Services that you are gonna Love

Your idea, our expertise

We turn ideas into software & digital products which can scale with your business.

Product & Software Development

Our engineering teams consistently deliver high quality solutions while covering a very wide range of technologies, solutions and industry verticals.

Mobile App Development

iOS, Android, Flutter, ReactNative mobile app development


Even short downtime can be costly for your business, and we can prevent it. Our experts know how to optimize your service uptime, ensure continuous delivery and decrease your risk of loss.

As-Is Analysis

End to end analysis from technical, infra, scalability, conversion, people perspectives. We cover each & everything in our documentation including videos & screenshots.

Team Building

We spread our hands-on knowledge to build motivated, passionate, disciplined teams.

Opex Optimization

Public or private cloud infrastructure, as part of our strategic execution analysis, we take a comprehensive approach to analyzing for optimization and opex reduction.

CTO As A Service

We assesses both the short and long-term requirements of your business and leverages investment to enable your business to achieve its objective.

Agile Transformation

We provide instruction and direction to the agile teams within the organization. We work with teams to get them into the agile mindset, to help them use this approach to its full potential.

Well-crafted Solutions

e-Commerce Solutions

Mobile Commerce Solutions

End to End Retail Solutions

Hyper Local Delivery Solutions

Payment Systems Ingtegration

MarTech Solutions

High Volume Data Processing & Ingestion Solutions

Startup Incubation

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